Posten's Facilities

Our building dates back to 1902, when "cottages" were built to be glorius testaments to their owners.

We pride ourselves on the functionality and appearance of our facilities. We are constantly updating and improving our premises and equipment to keep our facility within the highest of professional standards.

Whether it is our chapel, visitation rooms, or reception facilities, the flexibility of our layout allows us to accommodate a broad range of services. We can support everything from very large assemblies to the smallest of quaint gatherings.

The funeral is an important opportunity to pay tribute to someone you love. It is a time for relatives and friends to gather and tell stories, share memories, acknowledge your loss and support one another. We are open-minded in providing a more personal arrangement to suit your needs and reflect the life of your loved one.

We continually word hard to make the surroundings as comforting as possible, for you during this difficult time.

Interior Rooms

Our reception lounge can provide a convenient setting for a time of fellowship.

entrance interior



Although our chapel is not intended to compete against the reverence and respect of the church, it has been tastefully designed as an option for those who do not wish a formal church setting. Conveniently located within the funeral home, it provides a dignified setting for family, friends and the community to gather together and pay tribute to the deceased.